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Professional language tutors in Buckhurst Hill, Essex and Suffolk

Contact the school on 07968 796 072 or 020 8504 9594

or email: hejrleigh@yahoo.co.uk           

With over three decades of experience in teaching, we offer a variety of enjoyable lessons to learn different languages. Sessions are held to suit individual requirements from beginner to advanced level. Whether you're looking to learn a new language to assist with your business venture or simply want to learn a new language, we provide the required language services.

Why choose Leigh Language School?

  •     Professional approach
  •     Beginner level
  •     Advanced levels
  •     Educational trips
  •     Individual attention
  •     Learning rooms
  •     Courses for children
  •     Quiet reading areas and a library
  •     Ample parking
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Click HERE for details of the 2017/18 language course programme, fees and enrolment details and fees.
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Learn a new language today

From beginners to advanced, day or evening, at Leigh Language School, we have the facilities to offer comprehensive foreign language courses to suit your requirements. Every effort is made to assure we provide our students comfortable learning surroundings to achieve success.
Language Courses

Click here for details of the 2017/18 language course programme, fees
  and enrollment details and fees

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Are you looking for qualified language teachers in Essex?

Contact us at Leigh Language School on

07968 796 072 or  email:  hejrleigh@yahoo.co.uk
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